Portable Air Conditioners for Airplanes, Boats and RV's

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Introducing ArcticAir, a portable air conditioning system designed for general

aviation aircraft but can be used in many applications including boats and RV's.

Drawing power from an independent, 12 or 24-volt,power system, the ArcticAir

system can also be used in boats, RVs, and tents. Whatever your application,

ArcticAir can provide a level of comfort to your space at a very economical price.


ArcticAir units are available in two styles: the Real A/C and the Package Unit. Both

styles provide the same, high output cooling features and can be installed or removed

from your plane in a matter of seconds. The ArcticAir Package Unit cooling system

uses ice water as its cooling agent by moving the water through a coil specifically

engineered for this purpose, and in turn, creates air that is colder than a standard air

conditioning unit. All ArcticAir systems use a specialized fan that does not interfere

with your planes avionics or radio function.


The ArcticAir Real A/C System is portable as well but has a built-in compressor

and cools like a regular 1 ton air conditioning unit. The Real A/C System requires

you to only flip a switch to fly in cool and comfort. This unit is only available as a 24-

volt system.ArcticAir cooling systems will change the way you travel.



12 Volt Portable Air Conditioners for Airplanes, Boats and RV's


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12 Volt coolers and Air Conditioners



24 Volt Portable Air Conditioners for Airplanes, Boats and RV's

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24 Volt coolers and Air conditioners


24 Volt Portable Real A/C Air Conditioners for Airplanes, Boats and RV's


Real AC 12-24 Volt Portable Air Conditioners



No STC's required

Draws less than 5 amps

The 24 Quart Package Unit will last over 1 hour on high cool and 4 hours on low cool.

High cool has about a 35 degree Delta-T and low cool has about a 15 degree Delta-T. Delta T is the difference between temperatures of the air coming in and out.

 The Real A/C System runs on 24-28 volts of power.

The electrical cord has two toggle switches, for high or low cool, 18 inches from the plug.

The unit is designed to use during taxi and take-off. It can be used en route, but is usually not needed above 4,000 feet.

The unit does not pull any power from the engine.

The fan produces 200 CFM with the single fan and 400 CFM with the dual fan.

The unit will not interfere with radios or avionics.

Real A/C Dimensions

48-Quart: 22"L x 17"W x 20"H

Compact System Dimensions

48-Quart: 22"L x 14"W x 23"H

48-Quart D: 22"L x 14"W x 20"H

34-Quart: 21"L x 13.5"W x 20"H

24-Quart: 16"L x 12"W x 20"H