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Airplane Air Conditioners

Introducing ArcticAir, a portable air conditioning system designed for general aviation aircraft but can be used in many applications including boats and RV's. Drawing power from an independent, 12 or 24-volt,power system, the ArcticAir system can also be used in boats, RVs, and tents. Whatever your application, ArcticAir can provide a level of comfort to your space at a very economical price. ArcticAir units are available in two styles: the Real A/C and the Package Unit. Both styles provide the same, high output cooling features and can be installed or removed from your plane in a matter of seconds. The ArcticAir Package Unit cooling system uses ice water as its cooling agent by moving the water through a coil specifically engineered for this purpose, and in turn, creates air that is colder than a standard air conditioning unit. All ArcticAir systems use a specialized fan that does not interfere with your planes avionics or radio function.

12 Volt Air Conditioners

24 Volt Air Conditioners

The ArcticAir Real A/C System is portable as well but has a built-in compressor and cools like a regular 1 ton air conditioning unit. The Real A/C System requires you to only flip a switch to fly in cool and comfort. This unit is only available as a 24- volt system.ArcticAir cooling systems will change the way you travel.

Real AC Portable Air Conditioners